Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 29 - Coffee, Quesadilla, Pizza

I had a fever all day from a virus (I think), so I did not have much of an appetite, but when I did, I would eat anything.

For breakfast, I could only stomach coffee (I have no idea what kind or from where), and a tangelo we bought at the Mountain View farmers' market on Sunday.

This means that when we went to Whole Foods for lunch, I was hungry enough to eat a cheese quesadilla, with guacamole, chunky tomato salsa, and lettuce. I mean this was a big quesadilla. I also bought a pretty deep cup of potato & leek soup.

After this, my appetite never really returned...I only ate a single slice of pizza from Pizza My Heart for dinner.

As far as "Da !@#$ am I eating?", we'll be delving into the tangelo, as it is perhaps the least straightforward food I ate today. Which is saying a lot, because about a week ago I was enjoying some sweet calcium disodium EDTA.
Anyways, the tangelo: it came about by the hybridization of a mandarin orange with either a pomelo or a grapefruit. If you taste one, like I did today, it tastes like a mandarin orange, and it is bursting with juice like one, too. But it is pretty large, so you can see where the other part of its ancestry shows. This cross may originally have been accidental or intended, nobody knows. Why? Well, it happened 3,500 years ago at the very least, and that is at the fringe of history.

In summary: the tangelo tastes good. Enjoy.


abreeden said...

My kids love asparagus I would love to try the soup

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