Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 21 - Cereal, Falafel, Brisket

Watch The Beautiful Truth if you have not already done so (I have, as of Friday). From what I've read, it makes sense. Actually. Thank God we can cure cancer.

Unfortunately, I was in a rush this morning, so I settled for an unadorned (besides the nonfat milk) bowl of Trader Joe's 9 Whole Grains cluster somethings. I can't remember the name, as it's like the longest name of any cereal ever.

Falafel is amazing. I don't know why it tastes so good...but it does. Perhaps it is related to the fact that it has varied so little from its original form. The processors haven't laid their filthy hands on the food yet. Anyways, that's what I ate for lunch.

Dinner: finally my food gets interesting. We're cleaning out the CSA box before our next one on Wednesday, so I made mashed turnips. I sliced the baby turnips, steamed them for about 10 minutes (I would reccomend closer to 6-8 minutes), mashed them up with margarine (use butter, trust me), salt & pepper, and garlic powder. I tasted a slice raw, and it tasted almost exactly like a radish slice, but after steaming, the turnips tasted far more like cauliflower. I mean, if you had told me I was eating cauliflower, I would have believed you. Also, I made a salad of orach, baby romaine, bell pepper, cucumber, and cabbage. Everything was organic, and the orach and cabbage were from the CSA box.

It would take all the time in the world to explain why margarine is bad. So rather than sit here and bash ConAgra, corn monocultures, hydrogenation, artificial flavor, the FDA, and food additives in general, let's talk calcium disodium EDTA, an additive in the margarine I used. The box says it is there to preserve freshness, but I will do my own research. "Da !@#$ am I eating?"
  • Injected as drug to treat lead poisoning. The calcium is displaced by lead in extracellular fluid. The resulting lead disodium EDTA is excreted in urine.
  • The FDA has specified that calcium disodium edta may be used in oleomargarine not exceeding amounts of 75 parts per million. This small allowance probably accounts for the use of other preservatives in the margarine I used.
  • According to Wikipedia, the preservative would really only preserve the artificial yellow color. It's just one additive in a chain of food additives that all need each other for the margarine to remotely resemble food.
  • EDTA stands for ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. It is in such widespread use it has emerged as a persistant organic pollutant (POP). These pollutants can cause death and several illnessess as well as the disruptions of human body systems. Exposure to POPs can also lead to cancer and neurobehavioral diseases.
Enjoy your margarine!


Jamwes said...

Thank you for the information about margarine. I did not know.

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