Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 13 - Eggs, Pizza, Chicken

I tried to make two (organic) eggs sunny side up, but soon after cracking the eggs into way more butter than I needed, I burst both yolks. What I ended up with was scrambled eggs, except the whites were cooked a little longer, and the whole glop never became properly scrambled. After sprinkling with salt & pepper, laying between two fat slices of leftover Semi-Freddi's challah, and taking the first bite I immediately called them "eggs of the gods", they looked and tasted so good. 

Unbelievable what you can discover by accident. Apparently, I didn't come up with the concept, however. In perhaps one of the most magnitudous coincidences of culinary history, I discovered while reading March 2009 GQ (p.202), that this is the way eggs are supposed to be scrambled: too much butter, break the yolks in the pan, don't mix too much, and then sprinkle with salt & pepper.

I'm still taking credit.

I followed with a less eventful lunch: Trader Joe's Tomato & Pesto Pizza, a dish that cannot be considered environmentally friendly by any account, but I'm only 13 days in, so there's still a lot of food to eat up. If it's not green, but still healthy, and we've bought it already, I'm not doing any service by throwing it away. I will call this the first amendment to my Food Policy.

Dinner lies in the future. We're planning on heating up chicken sczheczwan by some no-name frozen foods brand. It too is protected by the first amendment. I am not exactly eating any chemicals today, so my daily "Da !@#$ am I eating?" shout out goes to chicken broth, what I can consider the most processed ingredient in the frozen chicken dish.

To make chicken broth yourself, you basically just simmer chicken meat in water, until the flavor comes out. It has more water than chicken stock, but is otherwise similar. The packaged stuff, like Swanson Broth is pretty much the same, except they use massive vats, useless scraps of bones and meat, and coagulants to clean out sediment. Swanson even offers organic chicken broth, but if you need to use broth for a recipe, it is better to make it yourself.

In other news, after 16 years, I've decided to get rid of our garage fridge-freezer unit, hopefully this spring. Also, this Wednesday we are picking up our first CSA box delivery, so expect more news on that.


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