Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 16 - Cereal, Chili, Burgers

Foodwise, today was one of my best so far.

I diced a few conventional strawberries (it's hard to get fresh local fruit in March), and dumped them in my organic corn flakes with nonfat milk.

Lunch I made in foods class: vegetarian chili. The ingredients were conventional, but pretty much unprocessed. The chili tasted amazing topped with shredded monterey jack and green onions. I'm posting the recipe.

WE GOT OUR FIRST CSA BOX TODAY! Escarole, chantenay carrots, orach, leeks, baby turnips, cabbage, mei quin choy, lettuce, and parsley root.

I ripped some of the escarole and orach up into a salad with a diced yellow bell pepper and half a cucumber. Dressed the salad with miso dijonnaise salad dressing and topped it with slices of the chantenay carrots. It tasted so fresh! After the salad, I had veggie masala burgers fried in Mazola oil (personally, I would suggest butter). I ate the burgers on a bun with muentster and a large lettuce leaf.

Orach: "Da !@#$ am I eating?"
First of all, it's pronounced like Iraq, except with an "O". It is very similar to spinach, except it tastes a little milder (in my opinion), is much more purple, and it can survive under frost much better. For more information, check out the Two Small Farms newsletter.


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