Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 10 - Eggs, Waffle, Pasta

I didn't eat breakfast today. Or lunch.
OK, fine. I ate brunch.

At Holder's Country Inn, I ordered poached eggs, whole wheat toast, waffle, and fruit. Yeah. It was a big meal. I'm pretty sure the only thing organic/local (O/L) was the organic maple syrup from Lucky I snuck in. But even that was from a supermarket (sorry I.e). I'm learning that most restaurants are not effective food mediums for the good stuff.

Speak of the devil: we ate dinner out too, at Frankie, Johnnie, and Luigi Too, an Italian place. I ordered fettucini (with salmon, spinach, tomatoes, and alfredo). I actually made almost the exact same dish last year, so I'm not sure why I went out to eat. For dessert, I picked up a slice of extremely decadent chocolate cake from Draeger's, this gourmet supermarket. With the cake, I drank multiple glasses of nonfat milk.

Unfortunately, since I really do not know what was in any of my food today, because I did not make it, I'm finding it difficult to even do a "Da !@#$ am I eating?" So I'll make lemonade out of these lemons. Da !@#$ is nonfat milk? I mean, last time I checked, you can't just take stuff out of food and not replace it, right? So what do they put in nonfat milk?

Right. Apparently, the only thing added to nonfat milk is vitamins A&D. On a related topic, because there is less fat, there's more protein; but on the other hand, the fat is probably good for us (why else would it be in there?), so it's not clear what reason there is to drink nonfat milk rather than whole milk. Except that the nutrinionists reccommend it, and that's not a reason at all, considering that it was nutritionism that put us in this bloody situation in the first place.
Let's look at the numbers: say people have been drinking milk for anywhere between 5 and 8 millenia, which is what scientists estimate, based on the evolutionary adaptations we have developed to drinking milk. For at least 5 to 8 millenia of those 5 to 8 millenia, humans drank whole milk. Why should we change that practice now?


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